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Special Shaped Springs

The special shaped rubber springs springs can be used in cranes and derricks
and for the dampening of shocks in heavy trailers.
So-called flat bottom trailers can also be exclusively mounted on this springs permitting the maximum load to be kept very low.

The "B" types can be also fitting stapled, for large deflections

Load/deflection curves for the individual springs are available on request.

All measures in mm.
Max. load: daN
1 daN=1 kgf.

  Type      Heigth    Length    Width    Max. load    Full deflection                       
  S 176/2     176   258   112   16000   107                  
  B 40/310/130     40   310   130   15000   16                  
  B 60/264/120     60   264   120   20000   28