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Rubber Springs


Henzo® rubber springs has been designed to absorb and dampen shocks. The absorption takes place via a rubber damper which is characterised by a long extension to it's actual height, by small lateral dimensions and a relatively small diameter.

The rubber springs exhibits a high degree of vertical stability when extended. As a result of it's favorable measurement, it's specialy recommended when installation in a limited space is required. Installation is easy and takes place without impediment from vulcanised attachment parts.
Henzo rubber springs exhibit an expansion up to 70% of their actual size.

Technical Features

  • Progressive damper characteristics
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Long travel distance
  • Maintenance free

Henzo® rubber springs has several installation possibilities: they can be used in heavy load trailers, flat bottom trailers, as stopblocks by cranes and travelling crabs, for the dampening of bases for expansion nozzle, free oscillation suspension of engines or sensitive instruments, to absorb noise and mechanical shocks.

Contact:  Sales department CVT Nederland tel. +31 33 2981370 or e-mail to :  cvt@henzo.com